Welcome to The Pizza Stop

Greeting from the Pizza Stop,

Hello everyone, my name is Julie A. Hornak, owner and operator, and with over 30 yrs. of experience in the Food and Hospitality industry I assure you that here at the pizza stop we are committed to serving you great food in a moderate time frame for an adequate price. We cook everything to order and follow the guidelines of the health dept. in food safety to assure you that you are receiving the best quality in the food we provide. I want to invite you to come in and eat, the dining room has been remodeled, or pick up or use the delivery service we provide. In any case I want to thank all of my loyal customers for their patronage but also welcome new. To ensure the success of my business I rely on you to spread the word to your friends and family members and to give me any feedback (good or bad) so I can continue to do my job consistently. Please feel free to ask me or my staff if there is anything that you would like to see added to the menu. I take pride in owning and operating this business and I love what I do, I hope I can continue for years to come.

Thank you all,
Julie A. Hornak

SPECIAL NOTICES: We are now Closed on Mondays!